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Read all about it right here! All the latest about what's up with The Creature, including release date and potential show times.

12/02/2013 Haven't put up any news in kind of a while, but I was just contacted over the weekend by the guy who was the armorer on The Creature from Lake Michigan, Steve Anderson. My attempts to track down everyone who worked on, starred in or had some other hand in the film continue. Recent additions include Joe Quinn, the talented actor who played Lars, Warrior from Beyond the Stars.

05/31/2011 "'s fricking hilarious..." YES! There's is a new, and positive review, of TCFLM online at Mass Movement Magazine which you can check out by clicking those words! Whoo Hooo! In other news... well, there hasn't been a whole lot of other news lately. Oh, except that Chet Grissom, who played the surfer dude, Orville, in TCFLM just had a guest starring role on the last two episodes of the NBC TV series The Event, proving conclusively that being in The Creature from Lake Michigan was not an automatic career destroyer! So, that's something. Kind of...

03/17/2011 Happy Saint Patricks day! If there was ever a day designed to get people seeing mysterious creatures, today is that day. So raise a glass of your favorite drink, kick back with a DVD of The Creature and enjoy!

01/10/2011 Welcome to a new year! After a huge flurry of mailings to get copies out to everyone I could locate who had worked on The Creature, the activity has died down a bit at TCFLM central. I'm still looking for a big collection of folks, particularly the lead actor and actress, so if you know an Emile Levisetti or a Donna Shreve who lived in the Chicago area and did filmwork in the late 80's, please drop me a line and let me know!

12/20/2010 Been a little while since I've added new news! So here's a little. The Creature from Lake Michigan has received 3 reviews on and all of them have been 5 stars! Check it out by clicking this link TCFLMonAmazon

11/12/2010 Hey! There's a nice write up about The Creature from Lake Michigan in the movie section of today's Chicago Tribune! Just click Chicago Tribune to go straight to the article.

11/10/2010 Time for the latest updates! The Creature from Lake Michigan DVD is now available on and has already been reviewed twice. Click HERE to see the listing. Five stars both times!

I've sent out close to a hundred copies of the film to cast, crew, investors, friends and even a handful of reviewers. I'm still searching for several of the lead actors and actresses however. Maybe I should start putting their photos on milk cartons or something...

Missing Cast

10/26/2010 The DVD copies have arrived! That means...the film is finally done! Here's me with the first copy, fresh out of the box! And, of course, I'm standing in front of the poster.

DVDs have arrived

10/4/2010 - Hey! There's another article up about TCFLM! You can check it out at! In other news, the DVD's should be back from the duplication place in the next week or two. Yeah, I know, they should have been back sooner, but there were some issues with some of the box art and things got slowed down a little bit.

In other news, the trailer for TCFLM on YouTube has had over 500 viewings and the FaceBook site has 260 friends! Amazing! Who would have thought anyone would care?

9/14/2010 - HOLY COW! I just dropped the DVD off at the duplication facility. 14-18 business days from today, the DVD's should be in my hot little hands! I feel strangely lightheaded and queasy...

9/9/2010 - Two more stories about the Creature went online today! There's one at Monster Island News and another at! Click the links to read the articles.

9/7/2010 - I haven't posted anything in a while because I've been busy trying to finish the DVD and tracking down cast and crew members, but here's some news: There's a story up about The Creature from Lake Michigan on the Undead Backbrain website! Check it out by clicking this link: TCFLM on UB

7/30/2010 - I was looking stuff up and discovered that the precise 21st anniversary of the Creature from Lake Michigan will be at 5:00 AM on Sunday, September 5th.

Wow! 21 years! Hard to believe. That gives me only 37 days until the anniversary. 37 days...

7/29/2010 - Was up until about 2:30 AM grabbing stills for the chapter markers on the DVD. As I was doing that, I grabbed a few more frames for the extras on this site. Just finished posting them a minute ago, so be sure to check them out!

Also, there's a facebook fan page for the Creature! Friend it here:

The Creature from Lake Michigan

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I also found a bunch of old paperwork from the original shoot. It's very weird to read that stuff and flash back to yesteryear, when we were flat broke but convinced we were going to conquer the world...

7/28/2010 - The movie trailer is now on YouTube! Check it out by clicking this LINK.

7/27/2010 - Restored another deleted scene last night, this one between Clark and Orville. It's Orville's first encounter with the Creature, but it was cut for pacing reasons. I also fixed the last of the bad "day for night" footage in the opening black & white sequence. Read all about it on the blog.

7/26/2010 - I've just finished putting together another handfull of DVD extras, including restoring two deleted scenes and extending versions of two others.

The deleted scenes:

#1: Two fishermen accidentally hook the creature while night fishing from a pier. This scene was cut because we didn't have the time or budget to shoot the footage of the creature being hooked. It would have required some underwater photography that probably would have cost us more than the entire budget of the movie.

#2: Christian Spavins, the film producer character, tries to give the chorus girls a little extra schooling on how to dance. This scene was hilarious, but the audio was unusable.

The extended scenes:

#1: The restored beginning of the scene between gangster Baby Scars Nelpone and Patrick. This had some great atmospheric lighting and some funny lines, but the opening sequence was getting way too long.

#2: The restored begining of the Damien Grades movie review of Saturday Night Creature. This was some funny stuff, but we needed to drop it for pacing.

7/20/2010 - Still working on that commentary track. It's harder than it looks! I've recorded two versions so far and I'm not happy with either one. Oh well, here's hoping 3's the charm.

In other news, I've tallied the number of cast and crew members to be contacted and it comes to over 100! Of those, I've found about 40. So, dang. But, this week I managed to find a couple more of the key actors and a number of crew people! And the cool thing is, no one seems mad at me so far...

7/16/2010 - Finished the voice-over recording for the film and I'm now working on a commentary track and a stills gallery, which I hope to have complete by Monday. We'll see.

I've also located a few more Cast & Crew folks! I'll start posting a list of them soon.