Here are some other sites you might like. Check them out!

Tony Castillo


Here's a link to actor Tony Castillo's site! He played the evil Beach Commissioner in The Creature.



Stray Voltage


Here's a link to musician Jamie Haggerty's website, Stray Voltage Studios. Jamie did the music for the opening sequence of the Creature from Lake Michigan.


Undead Backbrain

Here's a link to the Undead Backbrain site, which features a story on The Creature from Lake Michigan!


Monster Island News LogoHere's a link to the Monster Island News story about the Creature!




Here's a link to the story about the Creature!






Here's the IMDB listing for Popeye's Voyage! Also written by Jim Hardison. Check it out!




SeeMore's Playhouse Logo

Here's the official Website for SeeMore's Playhouse, the Emmy winning PBS children's series.Jim Hardison did the character development and wrote the pilot episode.



Character Logo


Here's the Website of Character.




BIU logo


Here's the Website for Jim's current comic project Baby Is Unstoppable.




Dark Horse Logo


Here's the Website for Dark Horse Comics.



Helm Cover


Here's the link to the website of Jim's first Graphic Novel, The Helm, which was named one of the top ten Great Graphic Novels for Teens of 2010 by YALSA, a division of the American Library Association.